Bedside Lamps Highlight Personal Style

Bedrooms are probably one of the most personal rooms in a house, probably because they are the only rooms that actually “belong” to the inhabitants. “That’s Joe’s room, this is my room, and downstairs is Jane’s room.” We would expect upon entering each room, to find evidences of Joe, myself, and Jane, respectively, in those rooms. One way to infuse a sense of style into a bedroom is through reading lamps. There are so many options out there! Consider the following stylish choices:

Unmatched His & Hers.

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Although these lamps are not identical, they still work together easily in this space to bring out the style of the individuals. The genre of the lamps is kept consistent, and the medium (white porcelain? Marble, maybe?) is the same for both lamps as well. Lampshades are the same size but are different, thus showcasing different personalities and tastes. I love how the overall aesthetic of each lamp is similar to the other, yet their differences are balanced and complementary. Quite a lovely pair!

Dramatic Pair.

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Unexpectedly tall and thin, these contemporary chrome lamps add drama, vertical interest, and proper reading light at the bedside. The darker wall color helps to add to the drama factor, and sophisticated black shades kind of visually recede. This allows the stunning lamp bases and light itself draw the eye. These are definitely unique…in a very, very good way.


Elegant bedside lampView in gallery

Ceiling-mounted pendant lamps are not terribly common for bedside lighting, but after seeing this fabulous grouping, I’m not sure why. The pendants create such lovely lines and shapes in the space. Their hanging visually opens up the room by clearing the floor space (although, in reality, a person still can’t walk below them), and they ultimately draw the eye upward. The almost lantern-esque combination is quite romantic and peaceful here.

Paper Shades.

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This unmatched pair of bedside paper-shade lamps fits in perfectly to this warm, eclectic space. These lamps are different shapes, but to read as a “pair,” they are kept roughly the same size and same medium. The form of these lamps mirrors the coziness of the space as a whole, casting a soft yellow light that both enhances and complements the stained glass. I think these are a perfect addition to this open-minded, texture-loving, character-filled bedroom.

Identical Lamps.

Elegant bedside lampView in gallery

These detailed acrylic lamps are visually absent from this creamy space. (Of course, the lampshades gives them away, but other than that we wouldn’t even know they’re there. Hardly.) These are an excellent choice for use in a soft, monochromatic space where you’re not looking for a pop of anything and want it all to fade into one serene whole. The acrylic shine works nicely with the sheen of other components in this room, such as the mirrors, metallic pillows, and headboard trim.

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