10 Calming Bedrooms with Analogous Color Schemes

Do you ever look at the decor around your house and realize you’ve been leaning heavily towards your favorite color? I have. But don’t shame yourself for decorating in all blue tones or green shades. Sometimes, an analogous color scheme can be exactly what your soul needs to see after a long hard day. Using this method in your bedroom especially can create a calming haven to help you relax and release the stressors of the day. Take a look at these 10 calming bedrooms with analogous color schemes and then pick your two or three favorite colors to swath your bedroom in.

Jeweled green bedroom

Green is proven to be one of the calmest colors there is. So go ahead and grab all the green tones you can find for your bedroom walls and linens and decor. You can even venture into tones of turquoise. (via Rachel Hazelton)

Seafoam greens bedroom

If you’re more of a pastel person, try out the sea foam shades of green. You can incorporate dusty blues into this scheme as well which means you’ll have the most relaxing bedroom on the planet. (via The Budget Decorator)

Light walls bright accents

Do you enjoy the brighter colors in life? Take them to the bedroom too! Paint your walls a lighter shade and then use all the analogous brights to decorate your furniture and textiles. (via Curbly)

Dark walls light furniture

On the flip side, perhaps you think the room would look better in dark tones. Go ahead and use those jewel palettes for the walls and decorate in lighter shades. The lighter furniture and textiles will keep things from looking too heavy. (via The Maisonette)

Blush and pink bedroom

You basically can’t go wrong with pink. Blush, hot pink, magenta, all of those shades can come together with a pale orange to make your bedroom a feminine retreat. (via Lonny)

Purple and green bedroom

Purple and green might not seem like the two colors you would jump for, but when you see them together, it totally works. Various purple shades with a bright green create a room that’s friendly and welcoming at the end of the day. (via Amanda Nisbet Design)

Pink and pale orange nursery

Perhaps you like the bright shades but don’t prefer them in your bedroom. Take the same paint swatch and just slide a few shades lighter. You’ll find that light pink and orange match just as well as the darker versions. (via Kid Space Stuff)

Pink and purple bedroom

Most little girls want rooms of pink and purple at some point in their lives. If you didn’t quite grow out of it, embrace it in an adult style with several shades of the two colors. I promise that they’ll work better than you think. (via Kid Space Stuff)

Yellow and green bedroom

Looking for ways to include a happy pop of yellow into your bedroom? Pair it with a pale shade of green to create a space that isn’t overly stimulating but completely bright and happy. (via Flickr)

Using dark colors to decorate your space can give you a soothing cave-like feeling in your bedroom. So channel those deep blues and jewel purples for the coziest bedroom that you’ll never want to leave. (via House Beautiful)