10 Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

Adding a bedroom sitting area to your home is an easy way to upgrade your living space and make your bedroom feel calmer and more peaceful.

You can add a sitting area to large and small bedrooms through the use of stools, chairs, or benches.

10 Ideas for Creating a Perfect Bedroom Sitting Area

Here are ten unique bedroom sitting area ideas to consider.

Curved Seating

Curved seating

Curved seating is a space-efficient fit for a small room. Adding a bedroom sitting area into a corner of your room creates space for two or more people. Plus, a curved seating unit creates a cozy look void of harsh lines and angles.

Bold, Bright Colors

Bright seating

Bold, bright-colored bedroom sitting areas make a design feature out of your seating space. You can use the color wheel to find the right tones for your bedroom. Opt for a color opposite your bedroom’s color scheme to find a complimentary tone. Or you choose one next to your bedroom’s color scheme for an analogous color scheme.

Window View

Seat under the window

Add bedroom seating underneath your window to make a room with a view. A bedroom window seat is space efficient and functional. You can add a built-in window seat or place a small bench underneath your window.

End-of-Bed Bench

End-of-bed bench
Phoebe Howard

A bench at the end of your bed is another space-saving way to introduce a bedroom seating area. A bench adds an extension to your bed area rather than creating a whole different area within the room. Color coordinate your end-of-bed bench with your bedding to create a cohesive, sophisticated look.

A Seated Swing

A seated swing
Set To Sell, LLC

A seated swing attaches to your bedroom ceiling rather than the floor, occupying less floor space and allowing for storage underneath. A swinging seat offers an element of playfulness and fun to your bedroom seating area. Swinging seats also provide a relaxing, rocking motion, making them a comfy reading nook.

Mid-Century Dining Chairs

Vintage dining chairs
Contour Interior Design, Inc.

Use mid-century chairs as a part of your bedroom seating area to save space and look chic. Mid-century dining chairs are quick to install and move around, so it’s easy to find their perfect placement. You can choose a set of matching dining chairs or mix styles for a mid-century design. This type of bedroom sitting area is ideal for reading, working, or sitting down to put on your shoes.

Storage Trunk

Storage trunk
Garman Builders Inc.

A storage trunk combines the benefits of a bedroom seating area with extra storage. A vintage-style trunk will look elegant and stylish. You can store extra blankets, clothing, or other bedroom clutter in the interior. Add cushions or a folded blanket on top of your storage trunk to make it a more comfortable bedroom sitting option.

Fun Stool

A fun stool
Heather Vaughan Design

A stool is a space-efficient and inexpensive way to add a place to sit in your bedroom. You can choose an unusual, trendy shape, color, or texture to accessorize a more classic bedroom look. Stools pair well with desks and dressing tables when you need somewhere to sit.

Miniature Sofas

Miniature sofas
Legacy Custom Homes

A miniature sofa is a comfy way to add seating to your bedroom. A smaller couch gives the same comfort level as its regular-sized counterpart but takes up less space. A small sofa can sit at the foot of your bed or under your window to offer an extra place to get cozy. Colorful cushions and blankets can make a bedroom sofa look even more inviting.

Statement Armchair

A statement armchair
W.B. Homes, Inc.

An armchair makes for a seating area that’s as comfortable as a sofa but takes up less space. You can add extra armchairs for more seats, depending on how big of a bedroom seating area you desire. Choose different colors and textures for a seating area that’s as appealing as it is useful.