Bedroom Renovations You Can Do Yourself On A Budget

We often delay renovations because we fear the cost. However, a renovation doesn’t necessarily have to involve buying new furniture and spending money on expensive things. A renovation can simply be a remodel of the space using existing items and can also be done with the help of DIY projects. The following four examples should offer you the inspiration and determination you need for starting your own bedroom renovation.





If you want to change the look and the ambiance in your bedroom, you can try moving the furniture around, changing its position and finding a new configuration which makes you feel more comfortable and makes the room feel more welcoming. Other changes you can make without spending a lot of money can include a new color on the walls or some new wall decorations. You can make some of these things yourself and you can also improve existing furniture with a DIY makeover.{found on designsponge}.

Bedroom beadboard makeover
One of the projects you can do if you want to change the design of your bedroom is described on thehappyhousie.porch. The floor-to-ceiling board and batten featured here is not a very difficult project and the detailed description shows you exactly how to make something similar for your own home. You’ll first need to make the frame structure using molding and then you can just paint the entire wall. This feature wall can become the focal point of your bedroom.

It’s also possible to build your own bedroom furniture. For example, you can built a king size bed with storage underneath by following the tutorial on prettyhandygirl. The headboard featured here includes wrought iron oak leaves which gives it a decorative motif suitable for the vintage-farmhouse style chosen in this case. The storage drawers and compartments included in the design are very useful in any bedroom, increasing comfort and keeping the room organized.

Coral bedroom makeover
On infarrantlycreative we found a very inspiring bedroom renovation which includes a lot of great projects and details. In this case, the headboard was a DIY project. Other elements in the room were also homemade. The nightstand was repainted and given a fresh and modern look, the shelving unit was made from a side table cut in half and stacked and the armchair in the corner was repainted and reupholstered. The sunburst wall mirror and the lampshade were also DIY projects.