10 Tips for Getting Your Bedroom Ready for Valentine’s Day

It’s probably a fact that if you have a significant other, you’ve been inadvertently thinking about your bedroom and how it will equate into your Valentine’s Day plans. But be honest. Is your bedroom up to the task? Will it keep up the mood or make you both deflate as you climb over piles of dirty clothes? Before you go making any romantic plans beyond the dinner table, you better take a good look at your sleeping space. Check out these 10 tips to turn on the romance in your bedroom this Valentine’s Day.

1. Tidy Up

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There is nothing more mood-killing than clutter and mess. If you’ll be spending any time in the bedroom during your celebration of love, definitely start by cleaning things up. Put dirty clothes in a hamper. Push your piles of shoes under the bed or into the closet. Clear off your dresser and nightstand. And most importantly, make the bed! (via Style Me Pretty)

2. Throw Pillow Switch

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There are so many beautiful throw pillows and pillow covers out there, it just makes sense to add a few to your bed, especially for the holiday. Whether you use hearts or matching “Hello Beautiful” and “Hey Handsome” cushions, it will definitely bring a touch of Valentine’s Day to your bedroom. (via Design Sponge)

3. Fuzzy Blankets

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It is a well known fact that the more pillows and blankets you have on your bed, the comfier it seems. Add a throw made of faux fur or velvet to add a variety of textures and a feeling of excess. (via Decoholic)

4. Customize Your Art

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Buy it. Print it. DIY it. The art selections for Valentine’s Day are more numerous than we can count! Use that to your advantage. And who knows. You might end up liking it so much that you’ll leave it up all year round. (via Lia Griffith)

5. Candlelight

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There is nothing like a bit of candlelight to really get things going. Take the party from the candlelit dinner table to the candlelit bedroom without a hitch. It’s all about the ambiance, right? (via Apartment Therapy)

6. Cozy Rugs

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Now that we’ve gotten the bed all cozy, don’t forget to throw some cozy on the floor! A sheepskin rug or just something very high pile is just what you want to get your toes on. (via Decoholic)

7. Create a Canopy

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There’s just something about a curtains that makes a bed seem more grand and intimate at the same time. With all the ways to DIY your own, it could be really easy to turn up the romance by surrounding your bed in fabric. Trust us. (via The Budget Decorator)

8. Twinkly Lights

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Get out those Christmas lights again because they will add to your soft lighting ambiance. Plus there are all kinds of places you can put them that you can’t put candles. Think around windows, across your headboard and under the bed. (via Arts and Classy)

9. Nightstand Knick Knacks

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Your nightstand is only going to help or hinder your romantic bedroom vibes. Trade your stack of books for a vase of flowers. Add a picture of you and your significant other. And of course, candles. Always candles. (via Elements of Style)

10. Not Your Room

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If there is absolutely positively no way you can make your bedroom into a romantic space for Valentine’s Day, then consider renting a hotel room or heading off to a secluded BnB for the weekend. It will give you brownie points in the end. (via Fedorova)