Bedroom lighting types and ideas for a relaxing and inviting décor

Each person has their own idea of how a perfect bedroom should look like. But, even so, there are a few elements that are always present in those descriptions. The bedroom needs to be a relaxing and inviting space where you feel safe and where the atmosphere is calm and tranquil. It should be a cozy retreat, sanctuary. There are multiple elements that contribute to the overall décor and atmosphere and the lighting is one of the most important ones. Here are a few different types of bedroom lighting that you can choose from.

1. Bedside lamps.

Hanging bedroom lighting1
Contemporary bedroom with tall, black bedside lamps

Hanging bedroom lighting1
Neutral bedroom with a warm color palette and bright bedside lamps for contrast

If you don’t want to overcomplicate the décor you can stick with the classics. Opt for bedside lamps for a simple look. The lamps will provide subtle, soft light, not too bright but enough for comfortable reading. They’re easy to use and they create an intimate atmosphere.

2. Sconces.

Hanging bedroom lighting1
Contemporary white and brown bedroom with sleek black sconces
Hanging bedroom lighting1
Functional bedroom décor with adjustable sconces and rich textures

Sconces are another great option for the bedroom. They allow you free up valuable table space and they also add style and elegance to the décor. Even though they’re mostly used in formal areas and commercial spaces, sconces can also create a warm, cozy and inviting atmosphere.

3. Recessed lighting.

Hanging bedroom lighting1
Spacious bedroom with a stylish interior and recessed ceiling lighting
Hanging bedroom lighting1
Contemporary master bedroom with back lighting and recessed perimeter lighting

Using recessed lighting is quite tricky because the effects can be very different. With recessed lighting you can create a formal décor but also a warm and cozy décor. It’s a subtle alternative but it can also result in a dramatic effect. They are often used to create beautiful shadow effects and they are also popular in bedrooms.

4. Pendant lights.

Hanging bedroom lighting1
Eclectic bedroom with bright hanging pendant lights

Of course, the most common of all are pendant lights. They add drama and a strong sense of style to any bedroom. They can completely change the atmosphere in the room. They can either be simple or glamorous and they can be accent detail that the room needs to feel complete.

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