Bedford Smart Technology™ Large Recharge Station

Technology is very useful and it does make our lives a lot easier. However, it comes with a cost, I mean nothing is perfect and you must also accept the less pleasant things about it. In this case you have a lot of gadgets that work on electricity or that must be recharged to a plug. So when you come home in the evening together with all the family members, you will have a lot of cords and charging stations spread all over the desk. You don’t even need to have a large family: if you have a smart phone, a tablet, a laptop and you also want to charge the batteries for your camera then you will see plenty of cords and wires all over the place. And this does not look very well, believe me.


In this case you might want to use this beautiful Bedford Smart Technology™ Large Recharge Station that is made of wood and is both very useful and good-looking. It comes in white, black or brown and it looks classy and stylish even if you use it for recharging up to six technological appliances at a time. You can’t see the cords thanks to the four holes that allow them to go at the back where they plug in. You can use different adapters depending on your needs. The station also has a nice drawer where you can store different things. And all this for this week’s special price of $64 at Pottery Barn.