Bed sheet alarm clock by Florian Schaerfer

Nobody likes the sound of the alarm clock in the morning. However, it sounds less annoying when you have a new and innovative gadget. Florian Schaerfer has come up with a very ingenious and creative idea. He designed a bed sheet that has an alarm clock incorporated into its design. This allows the user to control the alarm clock without even opening his eyes.

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The bed sheet is not very different from any other one, except for the fact that it has this alarm system incorporated. The touch-sensitive alarm clock allows you to set of shut off the alarm with very little effort. This also means that you won’t need a reparate clock anymore and you won’t need to make sure that your phone is charged and that the alarm is turned on.

The system features built-in speakers that allow you tu wake with the sound of your favorite music station thanks to the embedded radio. Three control icons are embroidered on the sheet, enabling you to use each function as desired. The clock components are made of silicone and impressed onto the sheet through a slat of EPS (electroactive polymer), which is activated by electricity. Once activated, the slat stretches and raises the silicone component, providing the imprinted numbers that can be felt on the clock.

This ingenious alarm system allows you to litterary feel the time and decide if you need to wake up or you can sleep for another 5 minutes. Everyhing is possible without even having to open the eyes. It’s fun and very practical. I wonder if the sheet is machine -washable.