Bed Pure Art 319 From Wissman

I really like the suspended beds, they make me feel like a plane. The collection from Wissman called Bed Pure Art 319 allows the mattress appear like it’s floating thus, allowing the users to fashionably lie down as he or she comfortably fall asleep. These beds will complete your house adding a modern touch and creating an interesting look.. The legs come in different dimensions like large blocks, small blocks, thick panels, thin plates, and also as a version with only one leg.



It’s an interesting and original piece. However to me it looks like something is missing. It has an unfinished look. I really appreciate the simplicity but I wouldn’t feel safe sleeping in that bed. I’m sure the bed is very comfortable and lots of people would love to have it in their home. I’m just not one of them, although I really like the design. The wood cubic legs create a nice contrast together with the white mattress. It would look very nice in a modern bedroom.