15 Beautiful Bed Decoration Ideas And The Space Around It

There’s no denying the fact that what defines a bedroom is the piece of furniture that gave this space its name, the bed. It’s the one element that this area has to have and although in some cases it can seem like the bed is taking up most of the floorspace, rather than approaching this with a negative attitude we feel it’s better to try to make the most of it. In other words, don’t try to hide your bed or to minimize its importance. Turn it into the centerpiece of the room by decorating the area around it. We have a few ideas that might help. 

15 Bed Decoration Ideas To Take in Consideration

Create an accent wall 

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The wall directly behind the headboard is the perfect surface for introducing an accent color into this room. You can make this an accent wall without worrying that it will look too distracting or that it will make the room less relaxing because, well, you don’t really see this wall when you’re in bed but you’re definitely drawn to it when you enter the room. This could be a perfect opportunity to add a darker color into the mix or to try something different with the decor. Let this stylish farmhouse-style bedroom by studio Blue Copper Design inspire you.

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Use texture to add depth and character

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Keeping the color scheme palette subdued and simple can also work if you prefer a more neutral setting, a bedroom that’s inviting, warm and calming more than anything. Colors like white, beige, ivory and gray are some of the more common options. The simplicity of the chromatic palette however doesn’t mean the room should lack depth and character. You can add diversity to the decor through different textures in the form of details such as window treatments, area rugs, accent pillows and so on. This bedroom by Rosewood Custom Builders is a good example. 

An interesting bed frame design

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The bed itself can serve as a focal point for the room. That’s fairly easy to accomplish with beds that have [articular types of frames and structures, like a four-poster bed or a canopy bed for example. In this case the bedroom design by Hayden Development features a traditional style and an emphasis is placed on wood as a primary material. The dark stain links the furniture pieces together and also allows the bed frame to stand out by contrasting with the wall behind it.

Create a cozy sitting area

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This may not be possible in very small rooms but if you have space for it, it could be really nice to add a little sitting area to the bedroom, a couple of chairs and an accent table or an ottoman just to give more purpose to the space. That way this room is not just where you go to sleep but also a relaxing sanctuary, a space where you can read a book or have a quiet conversation with someone. We like the context that this large master bedroom by W.B. Homes, Inc. proposes in this sense. 

Display a beautiful chandelier

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Although there’s no real need for bright and powerful light fixtures in a bedroom, you should also consider the aesthetic role that a chandelier or a pendant lamp can have in a space. A beautiful chandelier can help to make a bedroom look and feel more refined, to give it a sense of grandeur and to make it more elegant. Of course, there are many different styles to choose from so the effect can differ based on that. Here Andrea Lecusay Interiors gave this bedroom a crystal chandelier which goes really well with the subdued color palette and the eclectic style of the room. 

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Hang mirrors and artwork on the walls

Decorate the wall above the bed with framesView in gallery

Mirrors are wonderful decorations if you want to make a small room appear larger and more spacious. They also play a practical role of course which is useful in an area like the bedroom when dressing up in the morning or putting makeup on. Painting and other types of artwork are similar in the sense that they too help to embellish the walls of the room but additionally they can also be a source of color for the decor. Here’s a beautifully balanced interior by Toll Brothers to demonstrate that. 

Decorate in groups and clusters

Decorate the wall above the bed with framesView in gallery

A good strategy to consider when decorating the area around the bed is to display similar elements in groups or clusters. For example, you could hang several framed pictures up on a wall or you could have a few vases on a shelf or on the dresser. That helps to bring more attention to them and makes it easier to identify them as decorations. It can also be a good strategy if you’re trying to keep the bedroom decor simple and focused on a few specific details. Here you can see a lovely accent wall in this space designed by K. Hovnanian® Homes

Be symmetrical

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Symmetry in interior design can be used to make a space look and feel more familiar and welcoming. That can definitely help when decorating a space like the bedroom. The fact the room has a clear centerpiece is helpful. The bed can be centered against a wall and with the ceiling light and matching elements can be placed on either side, like the nightstands, lamps and in the case of this design by McCroskey Interiors the window treatments as well. The frame of the bed makes the symmetry of the design even clearer. 

Create an unexpected focal point

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The bed, or in this case beds, doesn’t always have to be the focal point of the bedroom. The fact that it’s a large piece of furniture doesn’t ensure that. Take this beautiful guest room designed by Crescent Homes for example. It has two matching beds with slender metal frames and they blend in quite easily. The center of attention is the dresser which is placed at the center, between the two beds. It has a dark wood finish which contrasts with everything else in the room. 

Draw attention to the ceiling 

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The ceiling is often neglected when in fact it’s a large surface just waiting to be used in a creative and original way. The ceiling, especially a tall one, can serve as a wonderful focal point for a bedroom. There are many different ways to make it stand out and the design can be based on the architecture and specificities of the room. Here’s a very elegant design by studio DUCHATEAU to serve as a source of inspiration. 

Cover a wall in wood

Decorate the wall above the bed with framesView in gallery

Painting a wall is not the only method in which you can draw attention to it or make it stand out. A particularly interesting option is to have the wall covered in wood boards. This creates a focal point for the room and introduces a material which is known to add warmth and beauty to the area around it. Using reclaimed wood is a particularly great way to put an emphasis on texture. Studio LMK Interiors used this strategy to add character to this farmhouse-style bedroom. 

A custom headboard 

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The headboard is a particularly interesting element for a bedroom. It’s a functional piece but it almost always makes a statement and serves as a decorative detail. Creating a custom headboard is a wonderful way to add a unique touch to the room and to make the bedroom feel more inviting and comfortable. In this bedroom by Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors you can see that even though the frame has a built-in metal headboard, another one made out of wood was added. It shows through the metal headboard and serves a decorative purpose. 

A fireplace 

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Fireplaces are known to make spaces feel extra inviting and warm, both literally and figuratively. They used to serve a practical purpose more than anything else but they evolved into being decorative and helping to create a pleasant ambiance even when they’re off. Not all fireplaces are functional and not all are large. Modern fireplaces can be very compact. That makes it easy to incorporate them into small rooms like a bedroom for instance. Here’s one designed by B.E Architecture that supports this idea. 

Emphasize the view

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It goes without saying that if you have a great view from your bedroom you should find a way to take advantage of that. The most efficient way is with a large panorama window like the one included here by studio Dan Gayfer Design. Of course, this requires planning and may not always be possible. Alternative options include choosing flattering window treatments and keeping the room decor simple in order to allow the eye to focus on the view. 

Help the bed blend in

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Helping the bed to blend in by surrounding it with elements that match its design and style can add cohesion to the room. For instance, here it almost looks as if the headboard extends over to the sides and envelops the lower section of the wall entirely. Also, the same accent color is used for decorations such as the abstract artwork displayed above the bed or the accent pillows. Some welcomed color contrast is added through details such as the lamps. This is a design by Studio Ashby.