Beautifying your Bedroom with a Dynamic Nightstand

When you wake every morning and reach over to turn off your alarm clock do you think about how functional your nightstand is next to your bed? Chances are no, yet its one of those pieces of furniture that makes life easier when you are in bed and nightstands can beautify your bedroom at the same time. Whether you are taking design cues from an upholstered headboard with its luxurious details or you prefer the simplified lines of built-in suspended night stand, take a look at these inspiring ways to create a gorgeous bedroom with the addition of a dynamic nightstand.

nightstand wood modern
Create a beautiful addition to your bed with a nightstand

Choose a nightstand based on your bed:  

Your nightstand is just like an end table for your sofa, but instead it’s for your bed. Your bed acts as an anchor and whether you choose to have 1 or 2 nightstands flanking each side, how tall, and large your bed is will help you decide on your perfect nightstand.  Ensure the height of your bed is just a few inches lower than the top of your nightstand. If your bed is too high or low, reaching to your nightstand will feel awkward and look even worse.  If you decide to buy a nightstand online ensure you measure the height of your bed from the floor to the top of the mattress to ensure accurate measurements.

nightstand artisan
Let your nightstand reflect your bed’s style
nightstand open glam
What style of nightstand fits your bedroom?

Let your headboard and bedroom decor guide you:

Just like any piece of furniture the design style should take cues from your interiors. Nightstands are immediately adjacent to your headboard and bedroom decorations so try and coordinate colors, materials, ornamental detailing and similar lines in styling.  This will give your entire bed wall the look of unity and will help anchor each side of your bed. Choose materials such as wood, metal, and even mirrored finishes can give a pop of glam to your bedroom. Let your headboard guide you, even if you choose to use a larger table instead of a nightstand, follow the same design technique as outlined above.

nightstand table dual function
Have more space? Use a longer length table for a nightstand

Function meets beauty:

Even though your nightstand is beautiful, also consider what type of functions you’d like it to serve. For those of you who like to read, or are in need for storage, opt for drawers or open shelved nightstands. While if you just need enough space for a lamp and alarm clock, a more designer option may suit your needs perfectly. If you find you don’t have enough space, consider nesting tables that enclose more than one table stored one under the other when not in use. To make your space look larger consider installing suspended nightstands that require no floor room to consume and they look sleek and modern adjacent to a modern and sophisticated bed!

nightstand colorful function
Function and beauty in a colorful nightstand

Choosing a nightstand may have not seemed important before until you realized that every morning and night it’s the first and last place you count on to hold your glasses and favorite book. Look to these tips to create a bedroom you will love with the addition of a dynamic nightstand.

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