Beautiful,Small and Cozy Mountford Road House

The Mountford Road project is a small but dramatic intervention into a 1950’s post war house, originally designed by “Bell Brothers”. In 2011 architects from Shaun Lockyer Architects – Shaun Lockyer (design principal), Shane Marsh (project architects), Richard Pain (architectural technician) and Corinne Bolton (interiors) redesigned this amazing 160 square meters area from New Farm, Brisbane, Australia giving it a more contemporary and modern look.

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The house is very beautiful and cozy, but I have to admit that I would have preferred another kind of entrance. That old roof doesn’t quite match the rest of the building which is taller and more modern. Looking from another angle, I would say that this kind of entrance says a lot about the whole house: it is very welcoming, peaceful, the perfect place to raise a child or to grow old. The house is surrounded by a high fence that gives privacy to the family whether it is outside, in the back yard, or inside doing its daily routine.

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The architects focused their ideas on designing a warm place using natural materials and filled with a lot of natural light. For that, it was necessary building higher walls and a sloped roof that allows the light in, whether it is morning or evening. From the elegant living area filled with two comfortable sofas the owners have direct access to an outdoor terrace where they can have breakfast in the mornings or entertain in the evenings.

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The whole house is decorated using the same materials: white paint for certain walls and ceilings and the same type of wood for windows, doors, floors, a few walls and furniture. The result is a modern place with big open spaces where a family can spend time together. The kitchen is simple, but equipped with modern appliances. A special place is the dining area where the two story ceilings, high windows and big glass walls through which we can see beautiful local vegetation create a balance between human and nature.{found on archdaily and pics by aperture}.