Beautifully photographed interiors by Martin Tessler

Of course, designing an interior is the hardest part. However, photographing them in a way that really captures their beauty and their essence is not simple either. Decorating a home is useless if there’s nobody that can capture its beauty and share it with the rest of the world. Martin Tessler is a talented photographer that really understands this art and knows how to bring out the best of a décor.

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These are some beautifully executed interior photographs and they are the work of Canadian artist Martin Tessler. His portfolio is full of beautiful photographs and these are just a glimpse at what he can do with nothing but a camera and his talent. In these photos the light and colors and wonderfully captured. It might seem to simply photograph still decors but it’s a complex action and most often it depends on exterior factors such as light. You also have to know what to highlight in the pictures. The wall of trinkets from these photos is a beautiful detail captures in its entire beauty.

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These photos reflect the charm and even transfer the atmosphere from these homes. They look very natural and they capture beautiful details, thus allowing us to form an impression of the whole. The pictures don’t show us the whole décor but let us fill the blanks.