Beautiful Yardmasters Building by McBride Charles Ryan

Jewels have always attracted their attention upon them. Their beautiful design, shape and impressive value are things which characterize them and which we will always pay attention to them.

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The Yardmasters Building, designed by the Australian Architecture Studio- McBride Charles Ryan resembles to a beautiful jewel. Its beautiful exterior design contrasts with its industrious environment where it is situated and also its function. It is a building which houses the operational offices of Melbourne’s Southern Railway Station.

It is made of a metallic material and glass and its windows resemble some beautiful stars which are arranged as some symmetric flowers which provide appropriate views and let the natural light to come inside.


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The Yardmasters building is a nice piece of architecture which will impress everyone who will notice it because you cannot miss such a nice oasis of beauty in the middle of this industrious environment.

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