Beautiful Vintage Suitcase Shelves

Ki Nassauer is the editor-in-chief of Fleamarket Style magazine, and a man who has good brain skills, because he put into practice something that looks like a genius interior design. This man is a practical one, who sees a double use for each object. On one hand, suitcases were famous by the end of the 70’s are used as pieces of furniture that decorate the room, and on the other hand those pieces of furniture are shelves where you can deposit objects.

Ki apartment suitcase

The blue wall, on which the suitcases are mounted as shelves, gives the feeling that the man likes to travel. Oceans are blue, blue is the sky and blue is the wall, from which we conclude that this man is a traveler, making a sort of mini wall map, and bags are points on which the visitor has been.

With these type of shelves you have space to save in the room, you can store many things depending on how much shelve-suitcases you have, and you can mount the shelves all over the room if you want to fill like the cases are falling out from the sky. These bags have a hidden character, as in those movies where pirates have buried in the ground their filled bags with coins. You can also feel like you are waiting a train on the platform, among strangers, and I think these bags give you a feeling of hiking and going on the road 24 hour of 24.{found on WorthPoint}.