Beautiful Star House in Bnaider- Kuwait by AGi Architects

First of all I want to thanks Alltop® that accept my site.Now, I will show you a project from AGi architect.A beautiful house by the beach in Kuwait. You would marvel at the fact that the beach house stand very close to the sea, and you get a clear view of the opening of the structure as you come to the entry point.

Star house 2View in gallery

You would find a pool as soon as you enter.The most remarkable feature of the house is the hidden bedroom and private living space. The visitors won’t be able to take a look at the bedroom, or inside of the house. There is a bamboo wall that stands as a wall between the visitors section, and inside structure. We have presented some other works of AGi architects in this part of the world and I must admit they do a great job there. I like their style because it is modern and apparently simple, with clear shades of colour and simple lines, keeping the necessary stuff and getting rid of the surplus. They bring a breath of fresh air and a touch of the Western style in the middle of the Arab world.