Beautiful Spherical Pendant Made of Veneer

I only once witnessed the fireflies flying in the forest one summer night and I simply loved the show. They seem to be small light bulbs dancing in the bushes and you can now see them and then they are gone again. This is the exact feeling you have when you see the light of this Beautiful Spherical Pendant made of Veneer. Actually its name is Austen pendant and it is indeed made of veneer. The pendant looks like a big ball made of veneer strips that come together in a delicate and amazing design. The light comes from inside this ball and looks like magic.

Wood pendant

It is pretty big, having 19″ diameter and has a natural finish. The veneer strips are not long enough to circle the entire lamp shade like a yarn, but all the small veneer pieces are held together with some small and slick metallic pins that are almost invisible, so they do their job pretty well. Since the light coming from the light bulb inside the veneer shade has to cross all the veneer, it seems to be filtered with a magical filter, so it is spread around in a playful dance of lights. The visual effect is great and the atmosphere is intimate and magical. You can buy the item for $99 from PBTeen.