Beautiful solid oak desk

One way of adding a classical touch to your workspace is by choosing a simple desk, preferably made of wood, or/and metal. The wood usually creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere and it’s also a very durable and easy to model material.

Here’s a desk that you might like. It has a oak single slab tabletop and a black steel sled base. It’s a successful combination. The steel base is extra durable and strong while the wooden top emphasizes the looks and creates a more pleasant workspace. The metal base is very simple, with rectangular shapes and strong legs. It’s painted black and it has a matte finish tat matches the natural wood top.

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The overall dimensions of the desk are 79” x 33-28″ x 29”h. It could be integrated in a medium or large room. A small room could also work but it wouldn’t be the best choice. The wooden top was actually crafted from a salvaged tree in Seattle so it’s one more reason to like this piece.

Whether you buy this item for your home office or for your workplace, it would be a very good choice anyway. It’s a versatile design that could be easily integrated in just about any décor. It’s simple and elegant and with the right decorations it could become a very warm and cozy addition.Available for $4600.