Beautiful Shapely Ottomans That Jazz up the Living Room

Ottomans are fun, they’re functional and they come in a surprising variety of colors and funky shapes. From rounds to squares, they’re more than just a place to rest your feet after a long day at work. Whether it’s for the guest room, the home office or the family room, you’d be surprised how much an ottoman can change the look of the space and create a focal point. Let’s take a look at some sexy, shapely ottomans that can jazz up the living room or even if your spacious foyer!

1. A piece of the pie.

Geometric ottoman

These pie-shaped ottomans are functional, modern and incredibly versatile. They not only act as resting pads but also an artistic, unique choice of decor.

2. Shine bright, shine far.

Transitional ottoman media room

This starburst ottoman is such a creative choice. It fits well within the space and adds an heir of playfulness and creativity to the room.

3. Comfortably Round.
Round pale pink ottoman

We love this wide, comfortable ottoman. It’s circular and uses it’s length wisely in a confined space. Although, not incredibly unique in shape, still shapely and unique is girth and fabric.

4. Some Cloud Coverage.

Colorful wreath shaped ottoman

This three-curved ottoman has a cloudy, whimsy appeal. We, of course, adore its pattern but we also love it’s shapely, delicate body.

5. Oblong and Spacious.
Tufted white ottoman

Again, this rectangular piece isn’t the most unique in shape but between it’s length, size and tufted accent, it becomes a large and in charge furniture piece. The white is bright and the comfort is obvious.

6. A bit egg-like.
Egg shaped ottoman

If you want futuristic looks with a sleek, modern style, try finding some egg ottomans to scatter around. They’re definitely interesting and definitely unique in style.

7. Flower petals.

Leather flower ottoman

Doesn’t this ottoman shine like a gorgeous, blooming sunflower? We love how this piece shows its “petals” and give the room an amazing, feminine focal point.

8. Flatter and poofy-er.
Contemporary living room ottoman

How much fun is a simple pouf? Although this ottoman has a bit of a sophisticated appeal, it’s comforting look also helps to create comfy, cozy vibes.

9. Like an Octagon.

Animal print ottoman

Even though this small, octagon-shaped ottoman doesn’t have the size of some of the others we’ve been showing off, it still has power in its shape. The corners make for just a tid bit more interest.

10. Perfectly Square.

Frabric ottoman

Probably the most common of ottoman shapes, squares are easy to squeeze in tight corners or large spaces. If you want it to be a little bit funkier, then just add some great fabrics and colors.

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