Beautiful pink rug with flowers for the kids room

Kids are always happy and cheerful, so adults try to design their room in colours that are suited for them. That means that a kid’s room will always be painted in pink, red, blue or any other vivid colour that makes you feel happy like they, kids, are all the time. That is why I chose this  Beautiful pink rug with flowers for the kids room. First of all it is perfect if you have a girl or two because it is mostly pink. It is simple in design, yet very effective, making you jump with joy even if you can see nothing more than a pink frame and some colourful butterflies and flowers spread on the rug. Then it is very colourful and also very comfortable. It is made of pure tufted cotton.

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So you will not have to be worried that your little girl’s feet will be hurt, but on the contrary, they will rest comfortably in the soft and thick rug. The cotton used is very good quality and it is very important as material for the rug in the kids room because it is anti-allergenic, so it will not be the cause for your kids allergies. The rug is called Papillon rug and that comes from the French word “papillon”, meaning “butterfly”. As you can see this is the center theme of the rug design. Any way, the rug can be bought for £55.00.