Beautiful Papillion Bathroom Vanity Accessories

Spring is almost at the end and summer is closer and closer. Summer is the season of hot days, of joy and dynamism. Everything is in action and full of energy. The same thing happens with nature which is an explosion of colorful and beautiful plants, animals or insects.

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Butterflies or “papillions” are among the most beautiful and colorful insects. It is a joy to watch their beautiful and attractive wings or their float in the air. The same feeling you can have with these beautiful papillion bathroom vanity accessories.

The soap dish, jar, pump dispenser, the wastebasket and tissue box have butterflies on them, the color they are painted is white – jade and are enhanced with golden trim and Austrian crystals. There are used metal or wood materials, epoxy resin coating, frosted glass or beaded tassels.All these bathroom vanity accessories will add elegance and refinement to your bathroom décor.Starting from 150$.