Beautiful Opium Duvet Cover Set

It is summer and the fields are full of beautiful, colored flowers that enchant your views and soul. The vivid colors like yellow, blue or purple attract any viewer and create a colorful and optimistic image which can have a positive influence on your mood. Red is also present and the red poppies will spicy all this palette of nuances with their energizing nuance.

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The same positive influence and beautiful image will be created by this Opium Duvet Cover Set. It will charm you with its fresh and optimistic image of these red poppies “poured” on a white field. It will bring color into your bedroom and will make you feel full of energy and life.

It is luxurious three hundred thread count cotton fiber set which is available only in the Queen size.If you re not a fan of red, you may try another design which combines colors like black, grey and white that will offer you a more sober and elegant image.The image of these poppies will always enchant you each time you will enter your bedroom and will make you feel relaxed and comfortable. They will bring a ray of optimism into your décor and will make you feel confident in your dreams and powers.Available for 89$.