Beautiful leather-covered storage bench

Storage benches are a very practical and functional accessory that can be successfully integrated in almost any type of interior design. This particular storage bench has a more rustic and traditional look that is still very elegant and stylish. The dimensions of this storage bench are 20,, x 18,13 x 38,57 and the shipping weight is 44 pounds.

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This piece of furniture is especially appropriate for any type of interior décor because it is a very versatile piece that can easily replace an ottoman or a coffee table because, not only that it is equally practical and functional, but it also includes a very useful storage space. The storage area is large enough for you to store books or other items that you might find appropriate. This storage bench has a removable tray on top that also fits inside the structure in case you don’t want it out.

It’s a very nice piece of furniture that can be included in the living room as a coffee table replacement or even as a TV stand, in which case the storage area could accommodate the playstation, the WII console or other TV-related devices. You can also place it in the bedroom, as an extension to your bed.

The Leatherette storage bench is available for only $79, which is a very convenient price compared to those that this type of structures usually have. It’s a very nice piece that will exceed your expectations.