Beautiful leather armchair called Juliet

Usually our sitting position is very important. It may influence the health of our back or may create a position which can bother you. The idea is that we need to pay attention to the pieces of furniture we choose to sit in so that we get the maximum of comfort and relaxation. After an exhausting, long day all you may wish is a comfortable chair, armchair, bed or sofa where you can sit and rest your feet.

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“Juliet” is such a relaxing piece of furniture and besides that is also a representative item for the celebration of the Italian furniture company, Poltrona Frau’s centenary. In order to mark this event the company organized an international competition where the participants need to focus on a theme called “a chair to spend time in”, based on the use of traditional upholstery techniques.


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The winner of this competition was Benjamin Hubert and his armchair “Juliet” .The design of his comfortable armchair was influenced by the Italian fashion detail of the “Juliet sleeve” although you may see it as a fragile flower too. Its “wide screen” sitting area offers many sitting positions so that you can feel nice and comfortable.

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The designer used a timber framework which was upholstered in leather. His intention was to underline the features of the leather upholstery too. The color of the leather may differ so that you can choose the one that fits your interiors and preferences.The relaxing appearance of this armchair, the softness of the texture of the upholstery and its comfortable sitting positions represent features that make of it a real “chair to spend time in”!