Beautiful Leaf Doorstops by Qualy

Summer is starting to look more and more like a beautiful dream. But even so, autumn is knocking on our doors and it has much to offer as well. The trees are starting to lose their leaves and to get a new color palette. Bring some of this unique in your home. It’s all about details. For example, a leaf-shaped door stop such as this one by Qualy would allow your home to set an autumnal mood without actually changing the décor.

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The doorstops are quite charming. They actually look like a leaf that’s been blown into the house. They look quite realistic and they are a more colorful and fun alternative for regular doorstops that don’t really transmit anything. These lovely leaf0shaped doorstops have a rubbery texture and this makes them particularly effective as well as friendly.

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Given their shape and design, the doorstops feature a palette of autumnal colors. You can choose from a range of beautiful shades such as yellow, orange, ochre and variations of these colors. The doorstops also have a design that allows you to slip them under most doors without problems. They will keep the doors open or will prevent them from clashing with the wall. Given their rubbery texture they are very effective on all surfaces. Not only that, but they would make very beautiful decorations for the house as well.Found on amazon.