Beautiful, Inspiring Beach-Style Homes

Whether you live in Charleston, South Carolina or just love the style and relaxed vibes a beach home can bring, there’s a lot to take notice of and be inspired by when it comes to any Oceanside house. From the pure, pastel colors, the delicate, architectural details and the whimsy doors and windows, when building or dreaming of your forever home, take a look at some of these beautiful beach-style houses for ideas and lots of inspiration.

1.Victorian Yellow and Green.

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Not too many places you can get away with having such a bold color combo. This home, dressed in a creamy yellow and hunter green, looks incredible at the likes of Martha’s Vineyard. And who wouldn’t want that wraparound patio for entertaining and decorating for the holidays?

2. Simple Bright Whites.

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A clean and crisp home goes well with an Oceanside view, especially with an upstairs patio directly overlooking the water. The simple lines of the doors and windows bode well with the monochromatic theme.

3. Glass Walls.

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Take a walk on the modern side by adorning your house in a sort of “glass house” effect. With extra tall windows and doors made of glass, you’ll have more than just special curbside appeal.

4. Some Classic Beachy-ness.

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Sometimes the classics work the best and make everyone feel more at home. Still stylish, this home is perfect for more than just vacation, but it’s a real family house. Inspired by the small beach homes lining the sand, this ones knows how to relax, have fun and still serve up the warm and cozies.

5. Cape Cod Appeal.

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Remember, not all beach homes need to be right on the shore. Cape Cod style homes are timeless, beach-inspired and perfect for family that lives near the lake or somewhere hidden near the shore in a small, New England town.

6. Sweetly Cottage Styled.

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Cottage style work great with beachy vibes as well. Whether your home or your vision includes a large home or small, quaint dwelling, both can be sweetly cottage and charmingly homey.

7. Mixing Sizes and Shapes.

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It’s important to have a view when you live near the beach, and windows are an important element of design. It’s perfectly acceptable to have a house full of windows of all sizes and shapes. And the personality it creates is unlike any other.

8. Looks like a Doll House.

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The french doors, the detail-oriented elements, the bronze shingles, they’re all elements of a typical beach home. But the overall design of the house pay homage to a wonderful, adorable doll house.

9. Mediterranean Designs.

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You may even see some Mediterranean designs by the shore in California. Allow the columns, colors and cozy lighting to inspire you in beach styles.

10. Quintessential Shore Side.

Tropical beach house

A metal roof, a powdery blue,  a split-level floor plan, a small lookout window, a lighthouse-inspired lookout and mismatched shingles come together to make this Key West home a “poster child” for the quintessential pieces to a sunny, shore side family home.

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