A Sculptor’s Home With Roots In The Forest That Surrounds It

This beautiful house in the middle of the forest belongs to sculptor Jacek Jarnuszkiewicz from Poland. The project was a collaboration between the sculptor and YH2, an architecture and interior design studio founded in 1994 by Marie-Claude Hamelin and Loukas Yiacouvakis. for them, architecture is a way of reinventing reality and giving it a completely new form and function.

Sculptural tower house surronded by trees
The house sits in a forest, being surrounded by conifer trees on all sides
Sculptural tower house vertical structure
The evergreen surroundings create a very fresh and inspiring ambiance

They designed this unique tower house in a forest in Quebec, Canada which occupies a total of 1700 square feet of space. Its interior spaces are organized on three floors with a lower level, a mezzanine area and a top floor with an observation deck. The architects that designed it are adepts of the idea that every building should be able to adapt to its surroundings but at the same time to also be able to transform its surrounding context.

Sculptural tower house tall design
The structure of the house itself was inspired by the tall trees around it
Sculptural tower house covered deck
The interior is organized on three levels, with the top floor featuring an open deck
Sculptural tower house large windows
The glazed facade lets in natural light and brings in panoramic views of the forest and the mountains

A minimalist approach was chosen for the project. In other words, everything here has a purpose and each element is essential to the overall design. Vertically is the concept that stands at the core of the project. The sculptor and the architects wanted to find a way to make the house resonate with its surrounded and chose to give it a tower-like look inspired by the trees around it.

Sculptural tower house wooden deck
The deck on the upper level is covered and offers the most beautiful views
Sculptural tower house view of forest
The deck roof extends to the side but has an opening that lets light reach the lower levels
Sculptural tower house wooden floor
The interior design is minimalist with no unnecessary furnishings or decorative elements

The architecture of the house is an expression of the landscape which surrounds it. The exterior is defined by the contrast between the two volumes. One of the volumes is ight and the other is dark and this contrast is also emphasized in the interior design where structural elements such as the staircase strike us as exquisite focal points.

Sculptural tower house staircase
A black staircase, like a shadow, connects the three levels and sits hidden behind a white wall
Sculptural tower house kitchen island
The kitchen is open and shares the space with the dining area
Sculptural tower house dining table and pendant
The dining table was strategically positioned next to the windows to take advantage of the view

There’s also a very harmonious interplay of opaque and transparent surfaces throughout the house. The large windows bring in lots of natural and allow nature to become a part of the decor and to be admired from carefully positioned spaces. Moreover, the open plan establishes a natural fluidity and continuity throughout the volumes.

Sculptural tower house dining area
Verticality was a strong concept used throughout the project, being a defining characteristic for everything
Sculptural tower house corner bench
Simplicity is essential for the design but also always complemented by the right materials and forms

The lounge area on the mezzanine level has this covered wooden deck which can be used as an observation tower for the wildlife and panoramic views of the mountains and the nearby lake. It’s a feature which reinforces the unity between the house and nature and between the interior and exterior spaces.

Sculptural tower house open bathroom
Nature becomes a part of every room and its presence has a strong influence on the ambiance
Sculptural tower house at night
At night, the house is like a glowing beacon in the forest, casting light on the nearby trees
Sculptural tower house in winter
The house can be enjoyed all year long, its beauty changing with the seasons