Chic and modern house with beautiful surroundings

Everyone knows that when you build or pick a house it’s not just the interior that matters. The exterior and, most importantly, the views and the surroundings are extremely important as well. Not only that they have to be pleasant and beautiful but they also have to create the environment and atmosphere that you desire. In the case of this house, the balance is perfect.

Beautiful House

The house is very beautiful and stylish and, in addition to that, it’s situated in a very beautiful and picturesque area. Balance is also present on other levels as well. For example, the house is indeed beautiful to look at and stylish but it’s also very comfortable and inviting which is very important for its inhabitants. Let’s take a closer look at its interior. As you can see, it looks very clean and well organized. There’s a very nice combination of shapes, clear lines and balanced patterns.

Beautiful House34

Beautiful House2

Beautiful House22

Beautiful House12

Beautiful House8

Beautiful House7

Beautiful House6

Beautiful House5

Beautiful House3

Beautiful House1

The color palette is beautiful as well. The contrasts are strong and the colors and vivid and vibrant but not very bold and the result is a very nicely balanced interior décor. the kitchen has black and white walls that contrast but also complement each other and the bathrooms feature the same timeless combination. The living area is a dynamic space with a chic décor. it has a nice balcony and it’s filled with natural light that emphasized all the colors used inside.