Beautiful Home in Maryland – Crab Creek House

Crab Creek House is an amazing home located in Annapolis, Maryland, near Crab Creek, an estuary that feeds the Chesapeake Bay. Designed by Robert Gurney Architect this house is built on the foundation of a 1960s post and beam modern house.

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The architects made an effort to keep the house in proximity to Crab Creek, but they had strict environmental regulations which prohibited enlarging the pre-existing footprint. The house was organized around a linear bar, clad in white stucco.

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This lovely house was created around a central spine, from which additional space rise as independent volumes in either wood or metal siding. These spaces are also concentrated around the swimming pool. Moreover the architects tried to create a relationship between the house and environment, so they used floor to ceiling windows to bring the outside in and to flood the house in natural light.

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The main living areas are oriented toward the water views, they have high ceilings and soft, neutral tones that create the feeling of a clean design. The architects also created an open floor plan that makes it look bigger. Moreover the materials used, such as white oak flooring and millwork, black slate, white marble, rusted steel and translucent glass, give it an elegant look.

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Crab Creek House is a beautiful place to retreat to. It has stunning features like the fireplace, gorgeous views and last but not least a great connection with the environment.