Beautiful, Feminine Headboards: Ideas & Inspiration

From stunning, tufted piece to a magical DIY headboard project that turns out just right, a bedroom needs this addition to transform and finish the styling. Whether you love eclectic vibes or Victorian flair, we’ve compile 10 of The Most Beautiful And Feminine Headboards around. Go shopping or get to work on some tutorials and create a headboard for your bedroom that are girlish and charming. Take a peek!

1. Large & Subtle.

Elegant pink headboardView in gallery

We love how this headboard is not only large and stylish but still subtle and delicate in color. Sure, it takes up a lot of space and makes a scene, but it’s also quite smooth and dainty enough to touch.

2. Eclectic & Original.

Ecletic original headboard bedView in gallery

With a bit of a Victorian foundation and a pop of mustard colors, this eclectic headboard make this rather simple room become something much more interesting and magical.

3. Classic & Fresh.

Beautiful tapestry headboardView in gallery

A headboard doesn’t have to necessarily be a headboard. Do a bit of creative thinking and use a beautiful tapestry as your newest inspired piece. We love the girlish charm that this black and white choice adds but also a bit of edge as well.

4. Mixed & Bright.

Yellow headboardView in gallery

A combination of molding and fabric makes this fun headboard a surprising and refreshing look. We love the sunny yellow prints and the preppy appeal of the foundation.

5. Sharp & Modern.

Sharp modern headboardView in gallery

For a classic, contemporary look go with a headboard with a smooth finish. This crisp, white piece lines in a black polka-dot would mesh well within any girlish room.

6. Charming & Fun.

Charming sea inspired headboardView in gallery

This headboard is really just a folding screen. It adds a simple charm and fun, refreshing feel to you cottage-esque bedroom.

7. Funky & Young.

Red young headboardView in gallery

Sometimes it’s all about the right kind of fabric. We are swooning over this red and white beauty. Not only is the shape unique but the wild patterns are super playful.{found on gardenandgun}.

8. Trendy & Hip.

Wood headboard paintedView in gallery

This wood frame was dipped in a beautiful color and creates an artistic transformation for the room. The hipster appeal of this bedroom is trendy and on point but also styled in feminine flair.

9. Flowing & Whimsy.

Fabric above bed like headboardView in gallery

And other times you need to put your creativity to work and pick a beautiful fabric to show off. This easy headboard idea makes for a romantic and relaxing air.

10. Easy & Clean.

Headboard decal feminine touchView in gallery

Who loves wall decals? If you don’t have the money to spare to try your hand at a DIY project or brand new headboard, then why not create the illusion instead? You can still find dainty pieces without the dip in your wallet.