Beautiful Dressing Tables Ideas For Your Home

Every woman is concerned about her beauty and she tries to conserve it by a daily care. Nowadays women spend different time in front of the mirror, depending on the make-up complexity. But the time we spend today for our beauty doesn’t even compare with the one spent by women in the other centuries.  Just think about that a woman’s preparation lasted several hours, from the moment she woke up, until evening.

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Brushing her hair, putting a corsage, dressing up, putting on the makeup or the wigs, all counted and was taken very serious. It is true that a woman couldn’t make all that by herself.  She got help from a domestic. But the woman couldn’t get out of the room until she was totally dressed-up, so all the process needed to be developed into her own room. For this reason she had to have near her everything she needed, all arranged in shelves. This is why and how dressing tables appeared.

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Nowadays, women abandoned the idea of a dressing table, but the most vanity ones introduced one in their rooms, just to make them feel more precious and to remind them how important a woman’s beauty is. Sometimes a dressing table adds a more sophisticated air to the room, making its owner to look more mysterious. Thanks to the ingeniousness of some designers, now, a dressing table can fit all kinds of rooms and styles, not only the sophisticated ones.  If you want to feel spoiled and bring back the wave of past centuries, you may opt for a decadent baroque style, with a laced wooden dressing table. These ones can choose natural colors as browns, cream, white or any kind of pastels.

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A more modern lady can choose absolute any color, but she must pick a more contemporary style for the dressing table, dropping all the lace and searching for a simpler design. In this case she can keep the wood as a material, but she can also experience some other types, such as glass, marble, metallic materials or rush. Your dressing table can be round or square, can or cannot have drawers, it can be simple or charged. Whatever style you choose, you should always keep in mind it has to suit the room’s design, and you should complete your dressing table with a large mirror to admire your beauty.{all pics from decorati}.