5 DIY Cake Stands You Can Do With Wood Logs And Slices

Nature is a great source of inspiration for a lot of things and in a lot of different domains. The sphere of DIY projects includes a lot of interesting projects that use elements from nature. Wood logs and wood slices can be used in tons of fun ways for creating all sorts of things, including cake stands. When you think about it, a woodland cake stand is a wonderful idea.


Not only that such a project is perfect for the DIY lovers but a cake stand like this is guaranteed to make your beautiful treats and goodies look amazing. Check out this particular design for example. It’s a cake stand made of a wood slice and recycled coffee cans. The cans were covered in moss and butterfly decorations were attached to them.

Wood Tree stand cupcake

Instead of using cans covered in moss, another possibility is to keep the design simpler and more casual by using small terra cotta pots. The pots can be painted white or a different color if you want to give your cupcake stand or cake stand a themed look or a particular design. You’ll basically only need three small pots, two for the lower section and one for the top. Check out Thedecorfix for more details.

diy tree stump cake stands

A cake stand inspired by nature and by the forest in particular can also be built out of a section from a tree stump. The most challenging part in this case would have to be finding the right tree stump that has the right dimensions and the right look or color. You can have a look on the stands featured on nalleshouse for a better understanding of how such a design would look like. Notice that each stand is made of a tree stump section and a plate secured on top.{found on nalleshouse}.

Woodland cake stand

A similar version of the previous cake stand can feature a wood slice instead of a plate. The combination is natural and suits the woodland cake stand perfectly, especially if you want it to look rustic or you simply prefer the theme for a different reason. The lovely part is that the cake stand can also be used as a display or storage area for spices and other things. {found on thepartygirl}.

Triple tier cake stand from wood sliced

On Woodsofbelltrees you’ll find a very elegant design for a DIY cake stand that also uses wood slices. It’s a three tier stand and the three wood slices have slightly different dimensions, one being large, another one medium and also a small one. In between them two candle sticks were used. Natural coffee stain gives the cake stand a beautiful finish and dark green accent decorations highlight the color beautifully.