How To Upcycle Old Drawers Into Wall Shelves

Wall shelves are extremely practical and versatile and they come in a lot of different styles. A particularly interesting option is actually a DIY strategy. The main idea is to turn a drawer into a wall shelf. You could opt for this strategy if, for example, you end up with an old chest of drawers which you no longer need or if you simply want your wall shelves to look special.


You can customize and personalize the drawers in a lot of great and interesting ways. One simple idea is to paint them. You can have multiple drawer shelves displayed on a wall, each featuring a different color and identical designs and dimensions.

Drawer shelf for kids

Drawer shelves can be a really good option for narrow spaces such as the are between a wall and a door, a space that usually stays empty. Once again, find a way to customize each drawer. You could use colored shelf liner or paint to decorate the interior. Stack them in a playful, asymmetrical way for an eye-catching look. {found on bec4-beyondthepicketfence}.

Pair of two drawers turned into shelves

Pair two drawers and display them together on a wall in a way similar to the example featured on Theperfectshadeofgrey. The whole transition from drawer to shelf involves the use of some acrylic craft paint, sandpaper, wrapping paper and glue. It shouldn’t take more than one or two hours to complete the project. You can leave the drawer pulls on for more charm.

DIY shelves from old drawers

Several different drawers or various shapes and sizes can be mounted on a wall in order to create an interesting display. You can remove the bottom of each drawer so the wall color becomes visible when you mount them there. They’ll look similar to box shelves or cubbies. {found on savingthefamilymoney}.

Bathroom Shelves from Old Drawer

A single drawer can become a really great and practical storage shelf for the bathroom. You can divide the drawer into two sections. Put shelf liner on the bottom to create a beautiful backdrop. You can also attach small hooks for hanging brushes and other things.

Old drawer turned into a bathroom shelves

You could also divide the interior of the shelf in several compartments, depending on the drawer’s size and the nature of the items you can to store there. As you mount it on the wall, several shelves will allow you to use the drawer as storage for toilet paper rolls, brushes and other things. {found on bec4-beyondthepicketfence}.

Unique bookcase from drawers

Another fun and interesting idea is to use drawers to make a unique bookcase. This is interesting because of the way the drawers are mounted on the wall. The project is featured on Addisonmeadowslane. The supplies needed include the drawers, adjustable clamps, oil based primer, spray paint, a foam roller, a piece of wood, wood screws and drywall anchors.