How To Turn An Old Book Into A Planter For Your Succulents

Old books and succulent plants don’t really have much in common. Yet this doesn’t stop them from making a great team. In case you’re wondering how this combination would work, we’ll reveal the secret in the following examples. These old books were all transformed in planters for the beautiful succulents, each being unique and beautiful in its own way.




Consider this project if you have a few books in your home which are either too old to be useful or too ugly to display in a collection. In addition to the book, the project also requires some small succulent planters and some moss. Open the book at a random page and draw a rectangle somewhere. Then cut a space in that shape using an x-acto knife. It should be one or two inches deep. Seal that space with mod podge and then add a layer of cling wrap. After that, put some soil in and, of course, the plants. You could also add some fabric flowers if you want.

Succulent planter form an old book

You’ll also find a description for a similar project on craftsncoffee. The project starts with a hardback book. If you want to use real succulents, you should use a thick book so you have more room for the soil. You could stack two books together in case you can’t find one that’s thick enough for the project. You could use some styrofoam at the bottom to absorb water. You’ll also need something to wrap around the edges, some glue and pebbles or stones.

Succulent books planter

For the project featured on hgtvgardens you’re going to need a thick hardback book, a drill, a circle hole cutting attachment, two small pieces of wood, clamps, wire cutters, an x-acto knife, pliers, some glue, sandpaper, Polyacrylic, a paintbrush, a window screen, soil, rocks and a glue gun. Drill a hole into one of the wood pieces and use it as a temple for the hole you’ll be making in the book. After that, cut a square shape around the hole and place the window screen inside. Secure with glue. Glue the back cover down and coat the bottom with polyacrylic. Then coat the top and sides as well.

Book planter diy

If you’re willing to sacrifice a hardback book, you could turn one into a unique vase or planter just as shown on refabdiaries. First, select a book and a container and fits nicely inside it. Then open the book and start cutting. You’ll need to cut all the pages in half and remove the top portion. Once that part is done, take the container and place it inside the book, on top of the remaining page sections. This could be used as a vase or as a small planter.

Succulent planter scent

The project featured on onmyhonoriwilltry requires a very specific item: a book candle. Actually, having one of these would be ideal but in case you just can’t find out you can always improvise and use an actual book with a hole cut in it. This is a project which also offers lots of inspiration for other similar ideas. After all, books aren’t the only things that can be turned into planters.