Snowflake Wreaths With Which To Welcome Winter Into The House

How can you not like winter when you see the first snowflakes fall down on earth or when you catch the first one in your palm and feel its chill? But what if there’s no snow outside? Is it still winter? Of course it is and, if you want, you can make your own beautiful snowflakes and decorate your home with them.

Giant Snowflakes Hanging on the Wall

For example, you could make decorative snowflakes out of craft sticks. For the bigger ones, start with six sticks arranged in a hexagon shape. Then make an asterisk and add the pointy ends to complete the design. For the smaller ones, start with just three craft sticks. There are a lot of different shapes and designs you can try. Find them all plus instructions on how to complete the project on Craftynest.

Front door giant snowflake

Another project that requires you to use craft sticks can be found on Ballardbunch. This time it’s a wreath which you can display on your front door. In addition to the jumbo craft sticks you’ll also need white craft paint, a hot glue gun and glitter. You can choose to use the pattern described here or come up with your own design.

Winter wreath with a snowflake around

Winter wreaths, like anything else that’s winter-related, tend to look very cozy and plushy. Sometimes that’s because they’re made from old sweaters and other similar things, like the wreath featured on Craftsncoffee. To make this one, you need a styrofoam wreath form, several textured sweaters, snowflake sequins, craft glue and a snowflake ornament to put in the center.

DIY Snowflake Wreath

The nice thing about snowflake wreaths is that you can use throughout winter since they’re not symbolizing anything in particular and are not strictly related to Christmas and other holidays. So it’s never too early to start crafting one. Check out Laurascraftylife for instructions on how to make a stylish snowflake wreath using a metal frame and plastic snowflakes.

Pompom fluffy wreath

If you prefer your snowflake wreath to look more fluffy, the design proposed on Littleredwindow should be perfect. This is a pom pom snowflake wreath and the first step is to make a lot of snowflakes in two different sizes. Then start attaching them to the wreath form. If you want, you can also add a few decorations as well.

Snowflake glowing on mirror

If you’re using the wreath indoors, consider one that’s glowing. The project featured on Designimprovised
is a wonderful starting point. To make it you need a lot of snowflake ornaments and some white Christmas string lights. You can hang the wreath on a mirror, wall, door or wherever else you want.