7 DIY Side Tables You Can Get Done Today

Some pieces of furniture are so simple you start wondering why you’d actually pay good money for them in stored when you could easily build them yourself with a far smaller budget. Most often we get discouraged easily because we start imagining all the supplies we would need and all the time we would have to invest in the project. In reality, however, things are simpler than they look.

Beautiful and chic design for a table
Table from paper tubes
Beautiful and chic design for a table1

For example, isn’t this side table lovely? It has a beautiful and chic design and a height that’s just right for the bedroom. The great thing about it is that you can easily craft it yourself and customize in a lot of different ways. You can find the full description of the project on matsutakeblog.

Nightstand with hairpin legs

Another beautiful example of an easy-to-make side table can be found on Kristimurphy. This one can be built using marble tile and hairpin legs. The combination is elegant and classy, giving the table a timeless look. The instructions are simple and it shouldn’t take more than an hour to get the whole thing done. Then comes the waiting period during which you allow the adhesive to dry.

Large terrarium used like a side table

Abeautifulmess proposes a very interesting idea: having a side table and a terrarium in one single unit. The plexiglass terrarium you see here is quite easy to make. You need a total of six sheets of plexiglass for this part. After you fuse the pieces together and you’re done with the terrarium, you can work on the wooden base. Actually this can be done in the beginning, although the order doesn’t really matter as long as you get the dimensions right. The most fun part will be decorating the terrarium with gravel, plants and other things.

Couch C Table

Of course, most other projects are simpler and less complex than that, like the project featured on Sinnenrausch. It’s all made of wood and, once you have all the pieces ready, assembling them shouldn’t be difficult at all. You’ll end up with a small side table that’s perfect for the living room sofa.

Copper pipe side table

Instead of wood you could use metal pipes to create a side table that’s very lovely and practical. Such a piece would fit well in vintage-industrial decors but also in a lot of modern settings. You can find out how to build it on Abeautifulmess. You need copper pipes, caps, fittings and a wood board for the top. If you want, you can paint the pipes to change the table’s design into something more versatile.

Nautical inspired table

In case you think something nautical-inspired would look nice in your home, check out Dans-le-townhouse for an idea on how to build a side table with a lot of character. You’ll be using lumber, plywood, rope, marbles and wallpaper plus a few other things. You can adjust the design to fit your own needs and preferences.

Stump turned into a coffee table

As simple as all these projects may be, we saved the simplest for last. Check out atilio for a great idea on how to turn a tree stump into a unique side table. Removing the bark is basically the most time-consuming part because, one that’s done, you just have to spray paint the tree stump. In fact, this part is optional.