10 Quirky Ways To Paint A Planter So It Looks Unique

The connection between a plant and the container it stays in is not the be overlooked. In a lot of cases, the right planter can make even the most common plant stand out. Of course, a balance is always desired. There are many ways to customize how a planter looks like. Painting it is one idea. The technique you use can differ depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.


Give a planter or vase an artistic look with puffy paint. Using a dry erase marker, some puffy paint and spray paint you can get the job done. Clean the planter and let it dry. Then draw guides on the inside using the marker. Then squeeze small dots of puffy paint along those lines, let them dry and spray paint the whole planter.

Succulent planter bold dipped paint

Aren’t these planters just charming? They have a lot of character and they stand out thanks to the contrast they display. Each of the planters is a small metal container/ bucket. Its bottom portion was painted using acrylic paint. Then twine was wrapped around it and tied in a knot at the line where the two colors meet. {found on oneartsymama}.

Spring small planter

These cute little planters are just what you need to get rid of the winter blues and to embrace spring. It all starts with a bunch of simple wooden egg holders. Paint these using bright colors and give each one its own personality. Make one half white and the other a different color and use tape to get the line between them straight and smooth. You can take things a step further and make tiny planters or vases out of egg shells. {found on craftberrybush}

Tea cup planter painted

Speaking of cute and tiny planters, check out makeandtell for more inspiration. Here you can find out how to repurpose tea cups into succulent planters and how to decorate them using nail polish of different colors. First you need to clean the cups. Then use a brush to paint nail polish stripes on the cup using the first color. Continue with the second one and then the third. Let it dry.

Easy succulent planter

Bell cups are another cute option. It only takes a few minutes to customize them and you can use a lot of interesting techniques. Painting them would be one option but you can also use gold leaf or a metallic paint pen. Use tape in combination with colored paint to create chic designs. We found this lovely project on succulentsandsunshine.

Wooden bracelet planter

If you have one of these large wooden bracelets and you no longer find it fashionable, consider turning it into a small planter for a cute succulent. Roll out a piece of polymer clay and press the bracelet into it. Poke a small hole in the center and bake the clay. Then attach it to the bracelet with a hot glue gun. {found on damasklove}.

Stencil flower pots

A different design idea features stenciled planters. All you need for such a project is a few terracotta flower pots, some outdoor craft paint, contact paper and a cutting machine or craft knife. Apply two coats of paint on each pot. Then cut your stencils and use paint of a different color to transfer them onto the pots. {found on littleredwindow}.

Color Blocked cement planter

Cement/ concrete planters are really chic and versatile and you can make them yourself from scratch but this is a different story. Assuming you already have such a planter, here’s how you can give it a customized look using paint and tape. Find a pattern you want to create and use tape to transfer it onto the planter. Then apply paint with a foam brush. {found on simplydesigning}

Gold terracotta planter

Use gold paint on your terracotta pots to five them a glamorous custom look. You can use different painting techniques to make each pot unique. For example, you could make really light brush strokes to let the terracotta show through. A different option is to simply apply one coat of paint. Two coats of paint will get you a more defined look and a richer color, as shown on theplumednest.