Beautiful Table Settings Using Candles To Light Up The Mood

Candles are common accessories used on tables, either in a more complex centerpiece design or as individual decorations. Their role can be to create a romantic mood, to denote elegance and style or to add a cozy and comfortable touch to the table setting. Candles are of different types and they can be displayed in various ways. The following examples showcase a few of the possibilities.


Candle holders can be of various types. There’s a wide range of designs, sizes and shapes available on the market but, if you prefer something hand crafted, something you can make yourself at home using things you already own, you can try turning a glass jar into a candle holder. You can decorate it with some light fabric or you can paint it.

DIY Carafes Candle Holders Tutorial

If you’re more the candlestick type of person, then you can use a vase or a glass bottle for this purpose. The candle should fit into the opening without falling in completely. You can put some water inside the bottle, maybe even some flowers. You could also fill it with colored sand or small decorations such as beads. {found on monsterscircus}.

Chalk brown glass bottles used like candle holders

Glass bottles make pretty great candle holders. Their transformation is a simple process. First you clean them and remove the labels, let them dry and then, if you want, you spray paint them on the outside. You could use chalkboard paint if you want to customize them later on. The idea comes from miss-monday.

animal figurines candle holders

A more playful approach can be found on estefimachado. Here you can find out how animal figurines can become supports for your candles. You can paint the figurines and decorate them however you want. Use spray paint and tape if you want to also create a pattern or perhaps to combine two different colors.

Cement and copper candle centerpiece

A different idea can be to make a concrete handle holder. You’d have to use a cardboard box and some tape to make a mold. Fill it with rapid-setting cement and let it harden and dry but not before inserting the copper reducer coupling which will hold the candles. You can then decorate/ paint the candle holder. You can find more details about this design on aransweatersdirect

Birch wood candle holder for a natural look

For a winter or fall centerpiece, an interesting idea can be to use a wood log. It would have to be cut in half so you get a flat portion to set it on. Make a few holes at the top big enough for the candles to fit in. you can also add some pine cones and other decorations.

Birch bark votive

Or you could make the candle holder look like a tree log. Use bark for this project. Roll it into a cone and give it straight edges. Trim until you get the right look. We found this idea on sustainmycrafthabit together with another lovely project which involves using thin and small wood slices to make a stacked candle holder.

Modern candle support

Ever considered using popsicle sticks for a DIY project? They’re more versatile and practical than you think. For example, you can use a bunch of them to make a candle holder. Start by arranging four of them into a square and then building on top of it. Use glue to keep the sticks in place. Then glue four pipe fittings on the corners. {found on atilio}.

Masculine candle support

Another fun idea can be to use clay or plaster. You can put it into a mold or shape it into a candle holder and allow it to dry. Paint it and decorate it however you want. The possibilities are endless when it comes to the shape, size and design in general. Check out thecraftygentleman for more details about this.

Wire candle holder

If you’d rather not use up your table space for decorations, a possibility can be to use hanging candle holders. You could fashion such a piece out of a metal clothes hanger. Decorate it with fir branches or whatever else you wish. The project is described on skonahem.