Beautiful DIY Burlap and Doily Luminaries

Today, 1st of December is the National Day of Romania and I cannot think of all the traditional things for which Romanians are famous for. All sorts of embroideries, doilies, the national handmade costumes and other crafty items are just some examples in order to make an idea of how many beautiful things Romanians can do and be appreciated for.

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As I am Romanian too, I have also learned from my mother and grandmother some crafty things like creating a nice table cloth using the needle, knitting a pullover or making some beautiful doilies using a crochet.

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Unfortunately these days all these items seem to be forgotten or it is said that they are not fashionable to expose them in the house .For the memory of those lovely moments and my personal satisfaction I kept some nice doilies and now I am glad that I did such a thing.

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The following DIY project can help me reuse them and give them a new use in order to create some beautiful Burlap and Doily Luminaries. Some glass jars, adhesive spray, some attractive doilies, some burlap, twine, buttons and ribbons are the perfect materials that you need so that you can get these lovely luminaries. You will need to glue the doilies on one side or both sides of the jar and then put a lit tea light inside it and your gorgeous luminary is ready to light your room.{found on craftsbyamanda}