Beautiful Ceiling Installations With Sophisticated And Sculptural Designs

It’s usually the walls or the floors that take precedence when designing a space regardless of its function. That makes the ceiling an overlooked opportunity. And yet that’s not always the case. We found some truly spectacular projects where the ceiling is the center of attention and we can’t wait to share these ideas with you. They designs are beyond inspiring.

Sculptural ceiling accent for Wexler’s a barbeque restaurant design 683x1024View in gallery

Restaurant ceiling decor sculptural 1024x764View in gallery

One of the most amazing and spectacular ceiling installations was created by studio Aidlin Darling Design  for a restaurant called Wexler’s located in San Francisco, California. It starts outside where it forms a little overhang above the entrance into the restaurant and then continues inside. The installation is made of lots of laser-cut MDF fins which form undulating shapes and add dynamism to the interior design of this place. The ceiling also serves as a contemporary element that contrasts with the historic facade of the building. The MDF fins have a black finish and the installation is meant to represent smoke and charred wood to reference barbecues, the theme of the restaurant.

Ceiling instalation restaurant 1024x811View in gallery

The Tsujita LA restaurant from California also has a magnificent ceiling. It was designed by Takeshi Sano who found inspiration in the beautiful imagery of the Izumo shrine in Japan. The ceiling installation can be fully admired from inside and doesn’t extend outside in any way. It depicts clouds making use of wooden sticks. In total, 25 000 sticks were used to create this amazing ceiling installation. The design is mysterious and enveloping and the project was very challenging. The designer carefully calculated the distance between the rods, the length of each individual one and the distance between the installation and the viewer as well as the angle in order to add realism to the clouds.

Glass and cut logs for ceilingView in gallery

LaPilar is a restaurant situated in southern Spain. It’s an inviting place with dining areas spread across two floors with very different designs. The main difference between them comes in the form of a sculptural ceiling installation designed by Pulpas Studio  for the ground floor. It was created using a combination of cut wood logs and green glass bottles and has a wavy shape. The wood slices appear to be floating , adding texture, warmth and dynamism to the space below. The glass bottles add a forest-inspired vibe.

200000 Wood Beads Cover The Ceiling In This Hair Salon 684x1024View in gallery

The humble wooden bead was chosen as the main material for the gorgeous ceiling design of the Mành Mành hair salon located in Hanoi, Vietnam. The ceiling is decorated with 200,000 beads and the installation was designed by H&P Architects. They teamed up with the salon’s employees and a series of volunteers to create all the required strands individually by hand. Each strand has an average 11 beads, some being shorter and some being longer in order to create this fully immersive design. All the beads have a natural wooden color except for the ones at the very end of each strand which are black. The light shines through the strands and creates a mystical effect, giving the salon a very warm and welcoming look.

Dramatic sculptural wood ceilingView in gallery

This ceiling seamlessly transitions into a wall or vice versa, depending how you look at it. This is a public lounge area inside the student centre at Polytechnique Montréal, Canada and this sculptural installation was designed by Menkès Shooner Dagenais LeTourneux Architectes. As you can see, it’s made of several large wooden ribs which are positioned parallel to each other and which have undulating shapes. They cover up the ceiling and they also incorporate one of the wall, forming a seating area at the very bottom. There’s lighting in between the ribs highlighting the curves and creating a beautiful visual effect.

Wooden Dowels Cover The Ceiling Of This BarView in gallery

We’ve seen wooden rods being used as ceiling decorations before and here they are again, this time in Sofia, Bulgaria. This is the interior of a bar called Nargile. It’s a contemporary and inviting space designed by KMAN Studio and the ceiling in particular stands out. It’s been decorated with a total of 7456 wooden dowels with different lengths which create a wavy and organic pattern across the whole ceiling. This gives the bar a sophisticated look and also helps to add warmth and brightness to the space below it which is furnished with black seats on a dark tiled floor.`