Beautiful Bonney Avenue Residence by Willis Greenhalgh Architects

Bonney Avenue Residence represents an old heritage church in Brisbane, Australia which was transformed into a modern home. The fact that is an old construction contributed to the idea of preserving the old shape of a traditional construction.

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For those who love history and tradition this type of building is more a piece of art, a monument than an ordinary inhabitable building.Usually, the old buildings are preserved as national monuments and their shape or design does not suffer too many changes. Though it is inevitable that the modern era keeps away its innovations or new influences.Willis Greenhalgh Architects demonstrates you how amazing it is a combination between classic and modern, old and new or tradition and innovation.

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They transformed Bonney Avenue Residence into a spacious building, full of light and sparkling elements. The lacquered parquet, the use of glass or the light spots have contributed all to the new face of the old church. The modern and comfortable furniture completes this contemporary interior. At the same time you can admire the charm of an old, traditional church if you notice the shape of the ceiling or the gothic shape of the building.Bonney Avenue Residence is a building which offers you the interior peace that you need and the beauty of a comfortable place.