Beautiful Blue Seagull Rug

Our planet is covered with water more than two thirds, so many people live near the water permanently, on the beach or on the seashore. Especially now, in summer, when people are on holiday and the weather is really fine out there, we feel so nice near the water. That is why the beach is the favourite holiday destination for many people. But if you want to have this feeling in your home all year long, you can get one of these beautiful Beautiful Blue Seagull Rugs. The rug is simple in design and you can see the light blue background of the rug and the white silhouettes of the seagulls.

Seagull main View in gallery

This combination of colours is very interesting and it also offers the sensation of space. If you place the rug near a big window it will be even more obvious that it gives a large perspective and makes the room “breathe”. The back of the rug is in the same colours, except the fact that the seagulls are blue and the background white. Any way, the rug is not very large, having just 4’x6′, but it would be perfect for the kids’ room or the living room. The rug is now available on B.B. Begonia for $48.