Beautiful Bird Lamps Collection

If you go to the centre of Iassy, near the statue of “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” you will be impressed by the big numbers of pigeons which gather here. People come to see them, feed them and take with them their kids too. Kids adore these lovely birds which float in the air when they try to find a place to rest and who also love people’s company. The noise they make, the rituals they have when they court their bird- ladies are just some features that make them even more attractive. Kids love to run after them, watch them eating or flying.

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If you want something to remind you of these lovely birds, you may think of the avian-themed collection called “Marina’s Bird” which was designed by the Belarus design studio, Fajno. It is a beautiful collection which is composed of several ceiling and table top lamps that take the shape of some small and lovely birds.

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The lamps are a combination of wood and glass, available in various colors like: yellow, red, purple, black, light green, light blue or white.Even the arrangement of the birds is different. They can be used as single or in group of more birds. Thus as the variety of models and colors is so large you will be able to choose the right models and colors that best suites your interiors. They can be used for desks, bedrooms, kitchens or even living rooms. Their sweet appearance will create a warm and lovely ambiance. You may think of your kid’s room too. He or she will definitely love to have in his or her room such a nice and cute lamp.