Beautiful Bau Pendant Light Fixture

I am sure you all remember the games you played with when you were little. I know I loved the ones with wooden parts where I had to find the right position and fix all the parts together in order to build a special shape. Well, this Beautiful Bau Pendant Light Fixture seems pretty much the same, except it was designed by a very gifted designer and is really a very nice pendant light. It is offered by Normann Copenhagen and it was designed by Danish designer Vibeke Fonnesberg Schmidt  who worked for the above mentioned company. This pendant lamp looks more like a modern piece of art than as an appliance.

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It is so colourful and nice that it immediately catches your sight and amazes all people that look at it. The shade is made of small differently coloured wooden discs that are smartly joined together in different positions and ways, using the thin cuts made on the edges. This way the discs come interlocking one another , creating and interesting shade for a pendant lamp. The discs are coloured mainly in primary colours and that gives it a special visual impact. The design is unique and creative and also inspired by the Bauhaus movement. You can have it for $256.