Beautiful Bathroom Vanities from Etrusca

Bathroom is a space which can be decorated or arranged with different vanities and accessories so that becomes more attractive and beautiful. It should represent an area which inspires you freshness, comfort and hygiene. A few moments that you spend here might be benefic and transform you into a new person. Usually women spend a lot of time in the bathroom. They spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, arranging their hair, rearranging their make-up sometimes or just checking their aspect.

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So bathroom should be a place which features elegance, beauty and refinement. For those who would like to get an elegant bathroom the use of these beautiful Bathroom Vanities from Etrusca are the perfect options. If you see the Vintage vanity that features a beautiful floral relief pattern in white or cream on its base, adorning the doors to your storage space you will be amazed by the elegant result that you will get.

Etrusca bathroom vanity 2

Etrusca bathroom vanity 2View in gallery

The body of the vanity is available in glossy finishes, beige and grey which sometimes seem to contrast or complete the whole design of the vanity. In order to an exquisite bathroom that will charm you with its elegant and luxury style you may choose the countertop, hardware and mirror that will fit perfectly this refined décor.