Beautiful archway designs for elegant interiors

Plain, simple and clean designs and decors can be very beautiful. They have something that can’t be recreated with anything else. However, sometimes a space needs a little extra in order to stand out. Sculptural and architectural interiors have that spark, that something special. A beautiful archway can completely change the décor, whether it’s simple or intricate. These examples demonstrate this idea perfectly.

Archway living entrywayView in gallery

This beautiful living room features an arched entrance and it’s a very elegant detail, especially in this case. The living room features a traditional, elegant interior with a little modern flair. The fireplace has a classical design with a beautiful mantel and the moldings are also elegant details. This only makes the archway integrate more naturally into the décor.

Archway living room elegantView in gallery

This is another exquisite living room, also featuring a traditional interior décor. The arched ceiling is wonderful and the pillars and arches walls are also exquisite details. The whole room resembles a luxurious, sophisticated space. The large hanging chandelier is the central focal point but it’s in fact the whole décor that stands out.

Fireplace living room archwayView in gallery

Of course, not all archways have to be so intricate and sophisticated. The classical designs are beautiful and timeless but a little modern flair can work as well. For example, this living room is still traditional but with a strong modern touch. The archway is a strong architectural detail but it has been simplified and reduced to nothing but a charming shape.

Archway barView in gallery

This is another example of a simplified archway design. The wood makes it look elegant, an impression reinforced by all the stylish carved details. However, the overall design remains simple. The color is very similar to that used for the wooden flooring and this creates symmetry and coherence while also adding elegance and warmth to the room.

Stone archway designView in gallery

This Mediterranean living room features a different archway design. In this case, the archway is made of brick and stone. This introduces texture into the décor while also adding a little rustic charm to the room. It’s also beautiful that the windows are also arched and contribute to an overall coherent interior design.

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