Beautiful and Versatile 2foldlow glass table

2foldlow is an interesting piece because of the fact that it is made from a single rectangular sheet of steel. The table is extremely stable and because of the triangular structure it has a lot of strength. The table can be used for multiple purposes depending on the needs of the user. 2foldlow is white in colour and can be used both in your house and in a public place. It complements the surroundings perfectly and adds to the charm of the current settings of the place. The table is made of glass and steel and is the perfect addition to your décor.



This amazing and unique table is made of glass and steel. The glass top is pretty heavy, so it must have a solid support in order to provide a secure use of this table. So the whole job is left to the steel triangles that are made of the table leg structure. Actually the whole base is made of only one sheet of steel that is cut and folded so as to have minimum waste and after that it is modeled so as to obtain the shape you can see in the picture.  Available at for 2,341.00 euros.