Beautiful and Strikin Lilypad House by Jorge Hrdina Architects

In Sydney, Australia you can find lots of interesting houses. However, few of them are as beautiful and striking as the Lilypad House. It was designed by Jorge Hrdina Architects and it’s a very lovely residence. It’s not very big but it’s warm and cozy and, moreover, it has a very distinguished design.

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The Lilypad House is more like a sanctuary from the typical urban life, a place where everything is a little different from the usual and where the inhabitants can get away from the usual routine. The design of the Lilypad House was created to ease the access by wheelchair and to provide a warm and quiet retreat for its owners.

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The two ends of the house as framed by a twin portal structure made of radial timber and that are freestanding structures. The design of the Lilypad House features low ceilings and low walls and it’s arranged around a sun filled garden courtyard.

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This garden is directly connected to the park and there are no delimited boundaries between the house and the natural landscape. This way the public and the private spaces seamlessly combine and form a harmonious composition. The name had been very well chosen and it expresses the essence of this design. The interior is as delicate and simple as the rest of the house.