Beautiful And Functional Storage With Kitchen Open Shelving Ideas

Regardless of how small or large your kitchen is there always seems like you can never have too much storage. Whether you use cabinetry, shelving or a pantry, storage for your dinner and cookware is essential and creating a functional solution will help you enjoy your cooking experience that much more. Open shelving over the last few years in interior design trends have created some beautiful options that many of us haven’t considered for our storage needs in our kitchens. If you are trying to add a beautiful way to display your dinnerware and add hints of decor at the same time, look at these creative ideas for open shelving.

kitchen floating shelving
Kitchen open shelving can display your decor beautifully

Floating shelving that is barely there:

 If you have a modern and minimalist kitchen that exudes the need for simplicity, floating open shelving may be for you. Floating shelves leave the supports and hanging mechanisms hidden behind the shelves and appear as though they are cantilevered from the wall. This effect looks gorgeous in kitchens that share the same love for horizontal and barely there storage. Floating open shelves are great for displaying decorative dishes and decor that you don’t use often on higher shelves, while lower shelves can be used for everyday dishes and cookware.

kitchen open shelving idea
Create a functional and beautiful kitchen

Choose shelving to match your kitchen design style: 

While you may think that all open shelving is created equal, it is not. In fact shelving can come in rustic and natural wood finishes to ‘barely there’ sleek metal varieties. If you have a traditional kitchen with plenty of ornate details – open shelving with intricate ornamentation may suit your style perfectly. While others that want to create a sense of casual elegance may choose open display options that mimic the interior style of the kitchen. Decide what works well for your individual kitchen.


kitchen open shelving over cabinets
Open shelving and over cabinet display area in your kitchen
kitchen open shelf
Functional open shelving idea

Open cabinetry converted into open shelving: 

While you may only think open shelving has to be open on all sides, cabinetry that has the front doors removed can work beautifully for open shelf display as well. Many homeowners love to take their old cabinets and give them a modern makeover by removing the doors, and staining or painting a new color to the shelves. Also consider removing lower cabinet doors to reveal open shelving at a lower level. This works beautifully in homes that need to be accessible for disabled or elderly homeowners, as well as children that need to access their own dishes for snacks!

kitchen open shelving low
Low open shelving idea

Open shelving in your kitchen can be functional but also enable you to add display and colorful additions to beautify your cooking area. Take a look at your kitchen and consider floating shelving or another display technique that will fit your home. If you don’t want to completely remove your current cabinetry, consider removing the front doors to reveal open shelving options behind them. Open shelves give you a great excuse to add colorful dinnerware that you enjoy displaying to brighten your kitchen decor.

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