Beautiful and convenient bird table by Eva Solo

If you’re the lucky owner of a house that also has a nice backyard, then you probably also enjoy nature and all the little creatures. Eva Solo has come up with a very interesting piece called Self-Service Bird Table. As you can imagine, this is a bird table that serves as a feeder and a place to rest for the little creatures. It has a very beautiful and curved design that will integrate perfectly in your small garden.

Evasolo bird tableView in gallery

This piece was created to offer birds a place to rest for a while and enjoy a bite to eat and, in the same time, to contribute to your backyard décor. It’s a piece that would look great in any garden, backyard or open space. And it’s benefic for both the owner and the little guests. The Self-Service table has a very simple design. It’s made from a pole that has to be places into the ground and a glass transparent container where the food goes. The container can accommodate 5 liters of food and because it’s transparent you can easily see how much food in left in there.

The glass structure in also dishwasher safe which makes your job even easier. It’s a very beautiful piece and a great opportunity to invite the birds in your backyard and make them feel safe and loved. They will be happy and your garden will also look good. It’s one of the most beautiful and convenient garden decorations you could find.